Yes Africa is a communications and events organizing Company registered with Rwanda Development Board (RDB). As its motto states: Happiness in the Making, Yes Africa considers organizing events such as Musical Awards and Galas as one of the pathways towards transformed lives (Yes Africa’s vision). One of its key activities include: Rural
Communication Outreach and Dialogue (RCOD), Media and Events Organizing, Skills Development, Content Marketing, Children and Personality Profiling, among others.

Yes Africa partnered with Ikirezi Group in order to combine strengths to stretch Salax Awards beyond events into manageable, achievable and impactful project. Salax Awards should be adorable and memorable and this is why we take every step forward seriously.

Quality and excellence cannot be achieved by chance, but through smart planning, implementation and monitoring. Unified by purpose, we are truly committed widening our supporter base, making music a rewarding business for our economies and society.