SALAX AWARDS ceremony has in 6 years positioned itself as one of the best and most attractive musical awards in Rwanda. Using its popular brand Rwandan genre SALAX AWARDS has contributed towards culture and music industry growth in Rwanda. It has been in presence since 2008.

Over 9,000 people actively participated in the voting exercise in the Salax Awards Edition 6 through Short Message Service (SMS). A web-based approach generated 20,000 people and caused heavy web-based traffic jam.

The purpose of the Salax Awards is to recognize excellence in culture and music industry by awarding talented and popular artists. Since its inception, Salax Awards organizers awarded well-known and established artists to upcoming talented people (Music, authors, actors, producers). The awards are preceded by annual performances and objective based evaluations conducted by a professional team. Over the years, Salax Awards have generated laudable lessons. Overall, organizing Salax Awards is rewarding to different players: sponsors, organizers, musicians/artists, and media, among others. In specific terms, Salax Awards are ripe with opportunities:

For musicians – it is a confidence-builder;
For corporate institutions – it is a visibility enabler;
For sponsors – it is a gains multiplier – you invest in it, you are guaranteed of returns;
For us organizers – it is an energizer because it fits into our passion-excellence in music industry;
For the media – it is info-entertainer and news generator;
For the advertiser – it is a mass puller
For the public (Rwandans) – it is an entertainer because of its musical formats

In pursuit of excellence, Ikirezi Group Ltd and Yes Africa Ltd are partnering to organize Salax Awards Edition 7 and in the next five years. This partnership is hinged on shared values, common interests and commitments to contribute towards excellence in music industry of Rwanda.